Best school in godda jharkhand Jesus and mary convent english school godda

Hi, today we will talk about the best schools in godda.

Today's blog will tell you about the best education school in Godda, Jharkhand.

We were very eager to learn about the education system in the private schools of godda, so we decided to visit the most famous schools in godda.

So after some research, we got the names of some famous and good schools which were recommended to us by some parents, guardians and local people.

These names were:-

  1. Jesus & Mary Convent English School
  2. Bethel Mission School
  3. St. Thomas School
  4. Bharat Bharti Public School 
  5. Gyan Sthali Public School

Among these schools, each of them had different good as well as bad points in them.
We also took some reviews from the parents and students too.

First, we visited Bethel Mission School.

The school was nice, and there was an educational environment too.

As we know the school is affiliated so there were all the facilities for the students.

Overall everything was good but the main thing that was not good was the fee and the regular demand for fees was a complaint of the guardians.

Also, the students feel fear to ask questions from teachers and the school is unable to produce a good result as compared to the students they have.

At the second number, we visited Gyan Sthali Public School.

This school also has a large area. The School building is very big. 

The number of students is also too much there.

It is also said that many students have left this school in and after lockdown because of fees.

Overall the school has everything which a student needs but there are also some big problems that were raised by parents and students.

The communication between the school and parents is very less.

Also, the faculty(teachers) and the education pattern are very old and need to be changed.

Now comes St. Thomas.

St. Thomas is one of the oldest schools of godda.

Everything is ok in this school, but the main problem with this school is that it has the ICSE pattern or ICSE board which many of us don't like.

We also came to know about Bharat Bharti School.

This is also an old school of godda.

This school also has everything for students. This school is not affiliated with CBSE.

They follow the CBSE pattern. Some of the teachers are awesome and some are not.

The main thing that we came to know about this school is that the leftover students join this school.


This is not very old school, but the teaching pattern and style this school has was much better than many so-called old schools.

This school has teachers from different parts of INDIA.

Some teachers are from the South and some are from the north along with the local teachers.

The education system is also new.

They also have a partnership with LEAD brand which focuses on education.

The environment was too friendly, and the students will not feel that they are away from their house.

The building was incomplete but was about to complete.

Overall the School was the best and the main thing about this school was that the environment was English which affects kids a lot which is a very good thing.

Among all the schools in Godda, we found that the best school is JESUS & MARY CONVENT ENGLISH SCHOOL.

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